UCO Rules and Regulations

  • Listen to your commanding officers they are listed Under to UCO Ranking Structure page.
  • Never shoot a ranking officer, we may be away but we do not always want to restock ourselves with ammo. (Except in cases in which we say you can)
  • Drive within the traffic laws(during a patrol with UCO clans), if you need an explanation of what they are. Just ask.
  • We will NEVER enter a pursuit unless given permission by the local law enforcement or Sheriff's Department.


Three Warnings System:

  1. You are reprimanded and warned for disobeying.
  2. Mandatory Training with our officers and recruits.
  3. Kicked from clan.

Rules pertaining to Head Officers and Supervisors

  1. You are held to a higher standard than the rest of the clan. If you fail to act mature enough, you will be either demoted or put on a trial period set by myself  (UCODirector, Director of UCO).
  2. If I receive a report of you acting in an inappropriate behavior, a report will be drawn up. If I receive more than two reports you will be put under Judicial Review by the Administrators to determine your punishment.
  3. If you will not be able to be on for a set amount of time, let an administrator know. Because your absence will be counted as two-times the normal officers'.
  4. Any insubordination towards the lower class officers/agents will be written up and counted. After your third offense, you will be demoted.
  5. Any questions or inquiries pertaining to this section of rules specifically. Send a message directly to the Director of UCO or the Deputy Director.
  6. To Report insubordination or other inappropriate behavior please go to the report an agent page.