Welcome To UCIS (United Clan Investigation Services)

Here at UCIS we do many types of investigations but we are mainly here to help solve the crimes and issues in today's Xbox Live Clans and keep our gaming from being corrupt.

Some This we specialize in: Clan Fraud, Copyright Infringement, Steeling Of Clan Members, Internal Affairs, And More!!!!

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To see what else is happening in the GTA community head on over to the GTAFourms "Weekly News Topic" to see whats happening in our community. Their you will be informed on new gangs or clans on the forums, new rivalries new events and much more!!! New articles are posted every week on Wednesday. "So what are you waiting for go get informed." (click on highlighted link or click on banner above).

Wanting To Join UCIS?

Well hey there! Are you wanting to join UCIS? Do you want to help keep today's gaming clean and fun? Well let me tell you how to do so. There are a few ways you can go about joining UCIS  1.) Contact UCODirector, UCOMarine, Or UCOAgentP, each and everyone of those three people right there can help you get started. 2.) Feel out a form under Contact us. And last but not least 3.) Be recommended to UCODirector to be hired but that usually has to happen by someone that has known you for a while so you can most likely forget that one! So!!!! What are you waiting for go ahead now and join UCIS and help keep gaming safe!

UCO News Flash (If  the date is in red it has been recently Updated)


04/17/2013- All departments under UCO and UCO main site will be diverted to our main website at www.unitedclan.org 

07/27/2012-As of right now UCIS Agents are working hard to keep all updated about this criminal Norcalstud44 or DonStud3854 is now know as Steve1678 please be on the look out....


07/26/2012- UCIS recently got an anonymous tip that the person known as NorCalStud44 has recently changed his name or created a new account called Donstud3854 please beware if you see him he is blacklisted by UCO for impersonation of a Law enforcement officer. He could be either know as NorCalStud44 and or Donstud3854.......Please keep checking up for more updates.


 07-25-2012: UCIS Blacklist has been updated "NorCalStud44" Has Been Added. In other news UCO has officially allied up with Three To Five more clans. 


07-23-2012: On July 22nd, 2012 The United Clans Organization had an incident with three to four of there members. Two of those people being wittiness, I have talked to everyone there so far and as it seems both parties are at fault, CTUDirector for abuse of his powers, and S1L3NT 0V3RL0RD improper use of modifications.