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        Hello, many of you may know that a few weeks ago UCO came across a person named NorCalStud44. Well after hiring him as a UCIS agent and him doing a great job we decided to promote him. After a few hours something seemed fishy AKA out of place to both UCOAgentP and UCO SecGen. After about one to two hours, the UCIS Department decided to go and do a further investigation "Normal Proceder" of a background check. Once we finished we quizzed Norcalstud44 AKA (Austin S.) and he got 2/6 right. Once we finished the Head of the UCIS Department decided to email both the Captain and the Sergeant at FCSD and ICAC. About two days later, we received an email saying they had no record of a Austin S. working for them. Please be aware of his recent name changes NOT ON XBOX BUT ON SPRUZ....

Xbox Name: NorCalStud44

Enjin Name: Donstud3854

Enjin Name:Steve1678

Enjin Name:NorCalStud44

Please beware the enjin names could also be a Xbox live gamertag he owns....

So far the UCIS does not see any new name changes its almost like he went "Undercover"


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